Your data is about people. Make it fair and make it better.

Companies of every size are using data more and more to manage their people and improve their products, services and sales. As you dive into the world of data, you need a strong equity-oriented framework to keep your data work competitive, compliant & inclusive.

Workshop Description

Join us for a full day of interactive learning on how to ensure you can embed an equity lens into your organization’s data. From how you collect personal data, how you analyze performance data, and how you set up marketing campaigns to how to set up compensation structures to produce fair outcomes. 

This one-day, 7-hour live training will give you not only an overview of the most pressing and common data equity issues around Marketing and HR but also the practical set of tools, workflows and resources you need to implement the Data Equity Framework right away. You’ll come away with both a list of changes you can make tomorrow and a new structure to build up your equity credibility for years to come.

What we'll cover:

  • How to equitably collect and use demographic data from employees.

  • How to equitably collect and use demographics from clients, customers, and prospects.

  • How to assess your funnel from an equity point of view.

  • What pay equity analysis is and how to get started.

  • How to set up data dashboards with a focus on equity.

  • Talking points for promoting and making a business case based on equity.


Praise for We All Count Data Equity Trainings:

““I have been attending professional workshops for three decades and I have never been to one as engaging, fun, and immediately useful as Heather’s data equity workshop."”

Elaine Cabanes, Grants Director

“"This course was so much more than I expected. It breaks down how to create and use an equity lens throughout the evaluation lifecycle, in clear language with practical examples. Can't recommend this highly enough."”

Alissa Marchant, Senior Associate with Innovation Network

“"The Data Equity workshop was one of the most worthwhile professional development activities I have ever undertaken. I plan to share this new way of looking at data with all my colleagues."”

EPL, Director of Innovation

“"You have explained the complexities of data equity and shared a very practical approach. I've rarely attended a webinar or training so thoughtfully well put together. It was a very good use of our time."”

Adrienne Stein

““The data equity workshop was full of lightbulb moments. It was, by far, the training that has helped me the most in my day to day use of data. Her tools have changed the way our team uses data.””

Kate L, Children's Aid Society

““The Foundations workshop gave us tools we can use to implement our goal of equity in our investment portfolio. As a social investment funder trying to bridge the VC world and the nonprofit world, the framework helped me wrap my head around what’s doable.” ”

Gavin K, Public/Private Investments

Who is this for?

This workshop is ideal for Directors, Managers, HR teams, and Marketing divisions. 

If you collect data about people, make decisions based on people data, work with clients who make decisions based on people data, or build models with people data, this workshop is for you. No technical data skills are necessary. Being curious and brave is an asset.

Workshop Format

The workshop will be delivered in a combination of mediums in order to maximize student time investment and to support a variety of learning styles.

  • Live & Interactive

    The core of the content will be delivered in live Zoom sessions with Heather Krause using video, audio, and graphic content and including activities that attendees can participate in if desired.

  • Participatory & Community Building

    This workshop is participatory. Participants will be able to ask questions, both to Heather Krause, and to each other. Additionally, everyone who completes this We All Count training gets access to the WAC Graduate Network, where they can collaborate and engage with everyone who has taken a training with us before.

  • Online Learning Platform

    The live sessions are supported by the content on our online learning platform, where participants will have access to the recordings of the live sessions, all slides and supporting materials used in the live sessions, and a wealth of supplementary information, resources and tools.