It’s easy to say that you are going to embed equity in your work. It’s much harder to figure out exactly how to make that happen in the real world.

Now that you know what the Data Equity Framework is, learn how to put it at the forefront of all your work, and apply it in a variety of different situations. Work through real world examples, learn how others have applied the ideas, and get interactive feedback about how you can apply the framework effectively to your work. Foundations of Data Equity is a Prerequisite for taking this course.

Learn by doing, with structured tasks based on real world scenarios.

  • Use advanced scripts and templates to help you identify opportunities in both the short and long term to embed equity into your work.

  • Set up triggers and signals that tell your team when to use specific tools and data equity processes.

  • Learn to weight the risks and rewards of data equity activities in order to prioritize the action steps in implementing your data equity strategy.

  • Build skills in how to initiate and sustain productive conversations with diverse stakeholders on crucial data equity topics.

  • Facilitate a conversation between your data team and your non-technical stakeholders about what it means to embed equity in your data products.

  • Build a list of immediate actions you can take tomorrow as well as a strategic long term plan for you and your team.

“Best Zoom workshop ever. Thank you for all the engagement. The clarity and examples and presentation of ideas in an easily digestible way was excellent! So grateful to have had this opportunity to learn.”

KW, Grants Manager

“This course was so much more than I expected. It breaks down how to create and use an equity lens throughout the evaluation lifecycle, in clear language with practical examples. Can't recommend this highly enough. ”

Alissa Marchant, Senior Associate with Innovation Network

“So, so wonderful!!! I really appreciate this format. More workshops need to take note! I haven’t been to so useful of a workshop in YEARS. This transformed my world”

LM, City Data Manager

“You have explained the complexities of data equity and shared a very practical approach. I've rarely attended a webinar or training so thoughtfully well put together. It was a very good use of our time.”

Adrienne Stein